Revolution in package reception

16. February 2022

What has to happen for more climate-neutral shipments to be sent to pick-up stores?

E-commerce is booming and with it the business of courier, express and parcel services. Forecasts predict almost 4.4 billion shipments in Germany in 2022. By 2025, an increase to almost 5.7 billion is predicted. The biggest challenge for shipping service providers is the successful and efficient delivery of parcels. Five to 20% of delivery attempts at the front door fail, which often leads to great frustration on the part of the recipient and high costs for the delivery service provider. However, customers do not really accept parcel pick-up points (parcel shops) that are specific to the delivery service provider.
Five to 20% of delivery attempts at the front door fail
PaketConcierge solves the problem with universal pick-up points that accept shipments from all shipping service providers and online shops. The service is free of charge for recipients. The founding duo, consisting of Gregor Herdmann and Dr. Michael Debuschewitz, has hit the nerve of the times. Not only do the recipients benefit from the reliable and simple way of receiving parcels, but the delivery service providers also gain in efficiency in parcel delivery. Last but not least, this significantly improves the CO₂ balance of parcel shipping.
Universal pick-up points from PaketConcierge solve the problem


The PaketConcierge flagship store at Brunnenstr. 155 in Mitte has already accepted several thousand parcels and handed them out to customers.

Especially people who live in urban areas know the problem that their parcels end up somewhere. Sometimes the information about where the parcel was left is missing and the annoying search and running starts. PaketConcierge solves exactly these problems for its customers with its free service.
The PaketConcierge service is free of charge.
PaketConcierge focuses on customer-friendliness and simplicity in its processes and app. After installing the app, customers can select a pick-up location near them. This immediately gives them their own delivery address, which they can use directly. As soon as the parcel arrives, they are notified via the app and can pick up the parcel immediately or within the next 5 days. All they need to pick up the parcel is their smartphone. Install the PaketConcierge app now for free and pick up parcels reliably and conveniently at PaketConcierge.


Das Team hinter PaketConcierge vl Jada, Gregor, Sina, Jannik und Michael

High customer satisfaction is the hallmark of PaketConcierge
PaketConcierge was founded in May 2020 and is now represented at around 30 locations in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain. At a single pick-up point, well over 1,000 parcels were delivered to 150 recipients in one month. Customers rate PaketConcierge with 4.9 out of 5 stars. Install the PaketConcierge App for free.