Unlocking Out-of-Home Delivery: A Comprehensive Approach

20. March 2024

Out-of-Home (OOH) delivery isn't a consumer innovation but a strategic move by delivery companies. Why? Because, understandably, carriers aim to streamline package distribution within delivery zones rather than trekking back to remote distribution centers. OOH delivery, to package pick-up stores or parcel lockers, offers drivers the efficiency of consolidating multiple deliveries at one spot, saving valuable time and resources. Moreover, staff at these locations can handle both package deliveries and returns.
OOH delivery is only truly efficient when done without diversions
But fully embracing OOH means establishing a consistent flow of packages to these consolidation points directly, without the diversions of a failed home delivery. Only then does it truly align.
Yet, for this to succeed, consumers must opt for OOH delivery from the outset. Presently, few choose this option. Why? Because the package pick-up stores or parcel lockers usually only accept packages from a single delivery company. In addition, consumers likely live close to a OOH spot from one carrier but the other ones are too far away. Consequently, it's largely impractical for us as consumers, leading us to prefer doorstep delivery, hoping for the best.

What's needed for consumers to embrace OOH delivery?
A streamlined process allowing all packages to be directed to a nearby package pick-up store, preferably set as a default shipping address. This ensures reliable package delivery, alleviating concerns about receiving packages at our doorsteps when we're frequently away or prefer undisturbed moments.
This approach isn't just individual-centric but extends to all residents near these universal parcel stores. And if successful for one store, it's feasible for all others across the city, right?