Is OOH even feasible on a large scale?

26. March 2024

OOH delivery offers numerous advantages compared to home delivery. But is OOH delivery feasible on a large scale?

Let's delve into the city of Berlin to answer this question.

Spoiler alert: Very large numbers: 3,000 OOH spots already exist in this city today. Approximately 1,000 residents reside within a 200m radius of an OOH spot. From a purely mathematical standpoint, this implies that 3 million Berliners currently have a viable OOH alternative right at their doorstep. Presently, this already encompasses 80% of all Berliners.

600.000 packages every day solely in Berlin

In this scenario, 80% of the 600,000 packages currently delivered to front doors every day, a process that is time-consuming and inefficient, could be delivered OOH at a high density. Specifically, this equates to 480,000 packages per day, which would be distributed to just 3,000 package pick-up stores or parcel locker boxes instead of around 400,000 front doors. This represents a significant bundling factor (referred to as the drop factor in technical terms) of 160 packages per address.

This could be achieved in significantly less time and with far fewer vehicles.

It appears that the necessary resources are indeed available, doesn't it?