Why the driver didn't ring the bell

05. August 2022

For many people, it is a big annoyance when they expect packages, stay at home especially and the driver then does not ring the bell. It is easy to be tempted to condemn the driver for this and perhaps one or two derogatory thoughts are harboured about the "incompetent carrier". So why doesn't the driver ring the bell? We approach the question objectively.
20 packages an hour in rain, snow or heat
Hopefully, your package is not claustrophobic, because it is not uncommon for it to share the delivery vehicle with 200 of its kind. Many companies expect their drivers to deliver 20 packages an hour. So your driver only has about 3 minutes to find a parking space, unload your package, find your front door and doorbell, bring your package up to you and walk back to the delivery vehicle. The same game is then repeated with your neighbours. On top of that, there is the arrival and departure at the depot, loading and unloading of the vehicle and other tasks that we, who are just waiting for our package, don't even notice.
If a driver realises that he/she cannot make the tour, a decision has to be made. Driving packages back to the depot is not really a solution. Often, the driver only has the choice of working overtime again or delivering the packages at a package shop. On top of that, he/she also has to deliver the package of recipients who have not been met.
And while you're annoyed that your package didn't arrive as you had imagined, or you even had to reschedule to be at home all day, your delivery person has quotas breathing down his/her neck.
Bundled delivery to package shops

Of course, shipping service providers know the challenges of package delivery. However, doorstep delivery is still the widespread standard. Delivery to a package shop is impractical for many recipients. This is because very few package shops accept packages from more than one delivery service. So most people will get to know their neighbourhood all over again: namely while they are allowed to collect their packages from all over the neighbourhood. The simple solution of simply sending packages to a package shop is blocked by a lack of user-friendliness.
And this is exactly where we come in. Together with the delivery service providers, we offer you a universal package shop that accepts all packages from all delivery companies. You decide which package shop you want. Your packages are stored safely and you can pick them up when it suits you. This saves you the hassle of looking for packages and gives you more time for the finer things in life.
You won't be the only one who loves our service - your delivery person will too. Why? Because he/she no longer has to go to each door individually, but can deliver all the packages for your neighbourhood in one place - on the ground floor with a 100% success rate. This is what efficient package delivery looks like, and the package carriers love it.
If you want to do your delivery person and yourself a favour, send your packages to a PaketConcierge in your neighbourhood. There are currently PaketConcierges in Berlin in the districts of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain. If there is not yet a PaketConcierge in your neighbourhood, follow us on Instagram to be informed about new locations.