Now even more comfortable

With our flexible pricing plans, you can easily select from various options based on your package volume. The plans are cancellable monthly.
In our S, M, and L pricing plans, you benefit from a monthly inclusive volume for receiving packages. If you exceed this, we'll apply a small fee for each additional package, ensuring your flexibility. Pre-franked returns can be sent without limitations. The Basic pricing plan incurs no base fee, and you only pay per package.


Choose the plan that suits you best

You benefit from the fact that GLS is our partner. GLS packages are not deducted from your included volume.

Do you have questions?

  • Why does PaketConcierge charge a fee at Brunnenstr. 155?

    We aim to partner with all carriers to offer you the service free of charge. This process requires perseverance. In addition, there are special circumstances in the market and what is happening worldwide. As a startup, this presents us with special challenges.
    The countless positive feedback from our customers motivates us immensely. We would like to continue offering our service and have therefore decided to test a fee-based model in our flagship store at Brunnenstr. 155. This offers many more services around your packages and returns. Now we will live up to our name and it will be even more comfortable for you.

  • Will my packages arrive even if my monthly included volume is used up?

    Yes! Our plans are designed to give you flexibility so your packages always arrive. For each package that exceeds your included volume, we only take a small fee. The fee is listed in each plan.

  • What is the vacation service?

    With our vacation service, you can pick up your packages even after the pick-up period has expired. The vacation service is activated automatically if you do not pick up your package latest 5 business days after the delivery. The vacation service costs €0.49 per package per week.

  • How does home delivery on demand work?

    From Monday to Friday between 4pm and 8pm we will bring your package to your home at the choice of your time within about 30 minutes for €2.99. Each additional package within a delivery costs you only €0.49.
    We offer home delivery for €2.99 per delivery up to 500m walking distance to Brunnenstr. 155, 10115 Berlin. If you live further away, but not more than 1 km, there will be an additional charge of €0.29 per 100m.
    The delivery must not exceed the transport volume of a cargo bike.
    To request home delivery, simply send us a WhatsApp message to +49 176 55 665 890 with your PaketConcierge ID and delivery address.
    We will gladly take your prepaid returns with us free of charge.

  • What returns can I handover?

    All. You can hand in all your returns to us, regardless of the carrier. It is only important that the prepaid return label is on the package and that you also write your PaketConcierge ID on it. We will then send you the proof of posting from the carrier by email.

  • I'm already using PaketConcierge at Brunnenstr. 155. What should I do now?

    We would be happy if you continue to use PaketConcierge. Please select a plan for this purpose.Only after you have booked a plan, you can log in to our billing portal to change or cancel your plan.

  • How do I change my PaketConcierge plan?

    You can change your plan at any time for the following billing period. Please contact our support via email to ask for a change.
    You currently cannot change your plan in the app or our billing portal.

  • How can I cancel my PaketConcierge plan?

    You can cancel your plan with just a few clicks. Just log in to our billing portal and click cancel.Note: To change your plan or log in to the billing portal, you must book a plan first.
    You currently cannot cancel your plan in the app.
    You can cancel at any time with effect from the following month.

Your question is not listed? Then please write us a message or contact us at +49 176 55 665 890 (also via WhatsApp).